Our breeding station is located in a family house at the Prague periphery. The station has been established 12.12. 2005 thanks to our bitch Annie ze Sechova. We chose the breed Golden retriever after a long and careful consideration of qualities and appearances of all breeds and our own requirements a I have to say that we do not regret our final choice. These dogs are very kind, non-agressive, cuddly, easily teachable and eager to satisfy their masters at all costs. Thanks to their kind and non-agressive nature they are very suitable to families with children. The only negative feature of golden retrievers is often their enormous apetite (on the other hand, it can be helpful in their training) and their irresistible begging face expression.

When we were taking home our little furry friend, we knew that we are bringing a new family member, but we had no idea, that we could once find ourselves on an exibition or a trial. We were certain only in the fact, that we want ot have our dog trained, so that we don´t have to be afraid to let her off the leash.

As the time passed, we found out that she is very good in the training and that thanks to the decission to buy a pedigree puppy, we could think about passing the basic working test. Annie not only passed smoothly, but she succeeded very well, as she reached full points and the first place as well. X-ray results of her hips and elbows were also great, so we decided to survive also few dog shows. The result of all this was establishing of our breeding station, because Annie became a brood bitch.

Annie passed a lot of trials, reached titles: "Czech working champion" and " Universal hunting dog" and became a skilful and highly appreciated helper on hunts. Beside that, she gave birth and excellently took cared of three litters of nice puppies mainly with the golden color. From the last litter we kept one of the bitches. This time not just like a pet and a friend for Annie, but also with the idea of trials, hunts and perhaps also another puppies.

We hope that our wishes will fulfil.